About Us

The idea for our project started thanks to our shared enthusiasm for good food and drinks.

Our paths crossed thanks to our shared passion and that is also the story of Wuly.

We love beer, craft or commercial. We are responsibly indulgent and seek out new and interesting experiences. We see great potential in the vacuum insulated drinkware industry and at the same time believe in the ability of our products to reduce the usage of single use plastics. We realize the high pace of today’s lifestyle and love that our products can slow down time.

"We believe that repeated use
leads us on the path to sustainability"

Physicist James Dewar - his discoveries are our foundation

Our products make use of his invention of 1892. At the time James created a glass container with a double wall, in-between which he evacuated all the air and sealed it shut. He knew that thanks to the vacuum, heat loss would be greatly reduced. He created a vacuum bottle – a Dewar flask.

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