A can's best friend for any season

Easy to hold

Do you like the convenience of a can but find yourself uneasy from the wet and thin walls?

Problem solved. Not only is the Wuly can cooler easy to hold, it keeps your drink cold till the last drop. It’s great for a hot summer’s day or just chilling on a cozy couch. No need to bother with another glass, just relax with your can in hand.

Thermal Can Cooler 500ml

strong & durable
keeps perfect temperature
double wall vacuum
easy to use
eco friendly
stainless steel


Cans can be so loud with their big logos and bright colors. Everyone knows what you are drinking.

No need to advertise. Wuly is great at keeping secret what you might be drinking. How sophisticated!

Ready for another?

Unscrew, insert a fresh one, put the top back on and you are all set. No dirty glasses to rinse, no spills from repouring. Easy to hold and stays cold.


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26. November 2022

I needed this thing!

Brilliant thingy! Instead of having to rush to drink beer in the summer or finish the last sips already bottled, with this cooler you can enjoy it as long as you want! And that ion design is a lovely visual bonus! Love it!!!

Thermal Can Cooler 500ml


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