Best buddy for any occasion

No rush

Drinks can be so moody, burning one moment and cold the next. Don’t blink or you will miss the perfect zone. Frustrating right? Sipping your favorite drink shouldn’t be so stressful.

Your buddy Wuly is the ideal extender of your sipping pleasure. Relax and enjoy, no need to rush. Enjoy your morning drink, warm till the very end. Sip on a chilled whiskey, no need for ice. Drink slowly, you have plenty of time.

Thermal Cup 250ml

strong & durable
keeps perfect temperature
double wall vacuum
Includes splash resistant lid
(not watertight)
eco friendly
stainless steel

Eco friendly

Don’t like to drink out of paper and plastic? Neither does your best bud. Wuly fits in most vending machines and is the perfect size for drinks on the go. Cleans easily with a rinse of water. Sip your drink with no eco guilt.

Everyday Companion

It’s small and easy to take anywhere, attracts approving glances and matches with your watch. Wuly is dependable and hard working, keeping your drink hot or cold. It’s easy to get along with but will upset you if forgotten at work. Best that you buy two!


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20. June 2023

Astonishing look, quality materials ,perfectly manufactured and number one in sustaining temperature.

It looks absolutely astonishing. The best one we had in keeping the drink temperature. Ofc, its not waterproof but it can stop water during shake, once it is upside down it is a problem but it is written in the product description it is not waterproof.

Thermal Cup 250ml


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