great for the office or a party

Work hard

Like many working people you like to start your work day with a warm beverage. You go to the break room, fill your cup and move to your work area to begin the day while sipping warm goodness. Comming accross an important task you start solving. Lost in thought, your drink waits for several minutes. Success, done… now back to your cup. Sadly, it’s cold :(

Productivity shouldn’t interfeer with enjoying your drink. While you are working hard, Wuly will be working to keep your drink fresh and delighful. You deserve it!

Thermal Cup 300ml

strong & durable
keeps perfect temperature
double wall vacuum
Includes splash resistant lid
(not watertight)
eco friendly
stainless steel

Reward time

After a hard day’s work a bit of fun is called for. Pour yourself that refreshing drink… no ice? No problem! Serve from a chilled bottle or mix it up a bit. Wuly will keep your drink fresh till the last drop.

Slow down time

Does time seem to fly by, one day the same as the next? Take a break and savor the moment. Slow down time and enjoy your favorite flavors longer with Wuly.


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11. January 2023

Comfortable to hold

Nice and pleasant mug for hot and cold drinks. I highly recommend it.

Thermal Cup 300ml


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