An essential tool for a thirsty occasion

Stays cold

Adam only likes good beer, cold beer. On many occasions, it happened that he had to pour out large remnants. It was no longer cold, it was warm and didn’t taste good. Don’t be like Adam. Don’t pour out beer.

The Wuly Pint is not only for Adam, but for anyone who drinks large volumes and values the quality of their beverage. Pour once and drink all day. Even in direct sun, stays cold till the very end. Unlike you, it won’t sweat so relax on your couch with your drink in hand.

Thermal Pint 500ml

strong & durable
keeps perfect temperature
double wall vacuum
Splashproof Lid
eco friendly
stainless steel

Big and Bold

With a volume of over 500ml this cup is quite grand. It will look great on your desk or in your hand. It’s not heavy like glass so just relax. Your friends will say, I like its mass.

Not just beer

At first sight the Wuly Pint is provocative in form. Don’t let it fool you, inside it can be hiding hot herbal tea. Anyone who likes to stay hydrated can rely on it to deliver great tasting drink from morning to night.


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26. November 2022


I mainly take it to my son’s outside soccer training. Herbal tea from it will warm me up even after two hours at low temperatures. It fits in the door of my car, where it stands comfortably and does not leak. As a bonus, I look like a cool mom with the ion one 🙂

Thermal Pint 500ml


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