Perfectly Practical

Perfect form

Want a thermal cup that does it all and looks great at the same time?

This is the one for you. Not too big and not too small this cup is just the right size. With its slightly angled sides, it will fit comfortably in your hand or the cupholder of your car. Its watertight lid keeps your drink in and the air out. What else could there possibly be? Oh yeah, it looks sharp too.

Thermal Watertight Cup 500ml

strong & durable
keeps perfect temperature
double wall vacuum
Includes watertight lid
eco friendly
stainless steel

Perfect quality

Made from high quality stainless steel, BPA free Tritan lid and an elegant finish, this cup does not compromise.

Perfect everywhere

This cup is watertight so you can rest assured its contents will stay where it should. You can take it everywhere you go. Throw it in a bag, strap it to your waist or jog with it in hand. Take the lid off to drink with ease. It won’t let you down but will keep your drink hot or cold to the very end. It’s spill proof, kid proof, dog proof, just not thirst proof. You can count on it to do it’s job, every day wherever you are.


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John Krlin
29. November 2023

Great for the car

Fits great in my fairly small cupholder. Keeps my drink cold even after leaving my car in the sun for several hours.

Thermal Watertight Cup 500ml


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