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Great Food Anytime

Home cooked food can be healthier and much less expensive than eating out, but it can be a bit inconvenient. Stop waiting for your turn at that dirty microwave and enjoy your warm meal with no waiting. With the Wuly thermo-insulated food jar, you can warm up your food at home and enjoy anywhere you are many hours later. On a nice day, instead of eating in the office kitchen go enjoy your warm meal at the park. Works equally great for cold food too. Pack a chilled healthy salad or even ice cream for desert. It’s especially great if you have kids. You can always have a warm meal ready to go whenever they get hungry. Can’t go to your favorite restaurant because your kids don’t like any of the food? Bring their favorite dish from home and problem solved.

Thermal Food Jar 500ml

strong & durable
keeps perfect temperature
double wall vacuum
Dishwasher safe
eco friendly
stainless steel

Durable and Planet Friendly

It’s made from stainless steel and other premium materials so it can last a lifetime. The powder coated finish is scratch resistant and it will continue to look great after many years of use. Unlike glass it won’t break and unlike plastic it won’t leach chemicals into your food. High quality, looks great, reusable and recyclable; what could be better?

No Microplastics

Plastics break down with time and especially with heat. When hot food comes in contact with plastic, dangerous amounts of microplastic can be released into it. Not only can these microplastics change the taste of your food but they can interfere with hormone receptors which can cause many ailments including infertility. All Wuly containers are made of food grade stainless steel, so rest assured.


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  • 500 ml
  • stainless steel body
  • foldable spoon included
  • dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free airtight lid
  • Powdercoat durable finish

Thermal Food Jar 500ml


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